The Browser Company

Infrastructure for a New Internet

What if there was a place on the internet that felt like your home?

We want to give you the tools to build your own home on the internet, so we're rethinking the browser from the ground up.

How might a "home on the internet" feel different than a web browser?

To reimagine the browser in this way, we are building a new internet infrastructure company, building new abstractions to power a new browser

In fact, our new "web browser" is just the first customer of this new internet infrastructure

Our custom SDKs are ultimately designed for you – anyone – to bring new internet clients to life

The future internet should feel like it was built for you, by you – not in the image of corporations

In order to realize these ideals and new tools, we must stand on the shoulders of internet giants

That is why we've raised a $13 million Series A from a collection of them, our internet heroes:

  • Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO (former)
  • Patrick Collison, Stripe CEO & Founder
  • Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO & Founder
  • Bret Taylor, Salesforce President & COO
  • Mike Krieger, Instagram CTO & Founder (former)
  • Emilie Choi, Coinbase President & COO
  • Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn CEO & Founder (Former)
  • Fidji Simo, Facebook's Head of Product
  • Dylan Field, Figma CEO & Founder
  • Akshay Kothari, Notion COO
  • And many more...
  • (Special thanks to Thrive Capital for believing in us when this was only a R&D project)
  • Now, we need imaginative platform engineers who can daydream with us about what comes next

    Do you want to help define the new primitives of the internet? We'd love to work with you:

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